Fast Emergency Service Is So Important!

Most homeowners have property coverage in their homeowners’ insurance policy, but none are ever fully prepared for the disruption of a major property disaster such as fire or flood. The disaster restoration specialists at FloodCo in Columbia Falls are available to assist the residents of Kalispell, the Flathead Valley, Tobacco Valley and communities throughout Northwest Montana. Fast emergency service is so important!


FloodCo’s trained mitigation technicians will respond around the clock every day of the year. They take care of their customers by stabilizing and restoring their homes back to their original conditions as quickly and efficiently as possible. If a property disaster such as a flood happens to you, call us and we will provide advice and response and assist the insurance company with starting and processing the claim.

Always call FloodCo within 24 hours to begin emergency water removal and prevent fast progressing water damage.

Why is it important to call FloodCo immediately for emergency water removal? By quickly extracting water and beginning a thorough dry-out out, it is possible to save expensive building materials like wallboard, fiberglass insulation, flooring including hardwood, Pergo, vinyl flooring or carpeting and area rugs. If the process begins within 24 to 48 hours it is possible to arrest the growth of microbes like bacteria, mold and mildew. After that, the growth of mold and bacteria rapidly accelerates, causing smelly, downright unsanitary conditions. The restoration process becomes  more complicated and time consuming as well. The faster FloodCo responds, the less the cost of a dry-out and restoration – for you and for your insurance company.

Your flooding, from a pipe leak for example, might seem manageable, and you may be tempted to use your small household fans to try to dry a carpet or hardwood floor. This is often a big mistake, leading to even greater expense. Household fans and heaters simply don’t have enough oomph and airflow to quickly dry wet building materials. Dehumidifiers are often essential to speeding the drying process when used with commercial air movers.

Improperly dried carpets or wallboard will begin to propagate stinky mold or bacteria, often within only 48 hours. Mold and bacteria can quickly turn a clean house into an unsanitary or dangerous place to be. Damage that starts with clean water will transform to a black water situation in as little as 48 hours once water activates the microbes latent in all carpet and other porous materials.

Mold and odor remediation is predictably required if structural dry-out is not achieved within a few days. Mold will thrive inside wet wall cavities and carpet pad.

An improperly dried hardwood floor may cup, warp and crack.

FloodCo has the professional equipment and know-how to save  expensive hardwood floors by using patented Injectidry technology to evenly remove moisture from all surfaces -top, bottom and sides.

No one likes to think about property disasters like fires and floods, but it is a comfort to know that a caring disaster restoration specialist like FloodCo is nearby in the Flathead area to deal with water damage, fire mitigation, smoke mitigation, and smoke odor removal. Visit their website, or call (406) 892-1717 for more information.

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