Uncontrolled water from plumbing leaks, sewer spills and other causes is a bad thing inside buildings. FloodCo LLC offers free moisture inspections for homes and businesses in our regular service area in Flathead, Lincoln and Lake Counties of Northwest Montana. (To schedule an appointment, please call  406 892-1717. Emergency cleaning or dry-out service will be given our urgent attention.)

A visual check or use of moisture metering equipment can provide assurance that all is well.

During a moisture inspection moisture metering equipment tells us that all is well or attention may be needed.

Our radio ad campaign announcing this free moisture inspection service. Property owners should take advantage of this. We know property owners want to know their structures are in a normal, dry condition to prevent odors or other serious damage from developing. Plumbing leaks, pipe breaks, ground water seepage, sewer backups, roof damage, ice dams or ventilation deficiencies can cause very expensive repair problems with wet building materials and growing microbes including mold and bacteria. Sick building syndrome is a result and may actually cause a building to become uninhabitable. Your indoor air quality can diminish and lead to health problems.If you see or smell any signs of wet carpeting, wood flooring, sheet rock in your home or business please call us immediately to get help. We answer our phone 24/7/365. To schedule an appointment for a moisture inspection or consultation call 406 892-1717.

moisture meter photo

Professional moisture meters will tell immediately if a structure has excess moisture which can lead to ‘Sick Building Syndrome’

Posted by Lloy 12/31/2015

Updated 3/11/2016

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