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stinky photoAre you suspecting that your home or business could have some kind of moisture problem? Maybe it doesn’t smell normal? Musty odors are a frequent indication that a structure is not in a healthy dry condition. FloodCo LLC offers FREE moisture checks to help property owners assess the condition of a building. For additional information, or to make an appointment please call our office at (406) 892-1717.

Buying a new home? Have us give you a report of the condition of attics or crawlspaces where water problems frequently hide. Flathead area Property Inspectors often refer us for followup when a moldy condition is flagged in their reports to home buyers during the sales transaction. Your Northwest Montana area Realtor may also suggest we evaluate a property when developing the listing agreement.

Occupied buildings must always remain dry to prevent indoor air quality issues. Microbial growth predictably occurs on wet building materials. The result is odor or permanent damage that can be very expensive to repair. Serious health problems can develop from exposure to mold and other pathogens growing in wet buildings. The standard for dry lumber is 10-12%. If you have experienced a sudden or chronic water leak or condensation issue, there may be excess water trapped in your building.Allergic person photo

It is always best to prevent water damage by ordering a free moisture checks after leaking plumbing, roof leaks, or ventilation deficiencies show up. FloodCo LLC staff have many years of experience in resolving these problems and are happy to help property owners with their preventive maintenance. All it takes is a phone call!  No obligation, no cost, and confidential consultation with a free moisture check.   406 892-1717.

Note:  Please call Mon-Fri 9am-5pm to set an appointment for your free moisture check. Sorry, this offer is not available outside of our normal service area.

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