Make A Family Safety Plan

Make Your Family Safety Plan

It Could Happen Here In the Flathead

What if something happens and I’m not with my family?” “How will I be able to reach them?” “How can I find out if they are safe?” – “How can I let them know I’m OK?” “How can we prevent the kids’ panic and emotional trauma if something happens?” Make a family safety plan. Today. It’s not all that difficult.

Some disasters that could impact Northwest Montana residents will never provide advance warning -Events such as an earthquake, oil train derailment or school shooting for example. With no time to prepare, family members can be displaced or simply out of reach. You will need to send and receive information to and from all your family.

Emergency response personnel will be overwhelmed and unable to give individual help. Communication networks, such as cell phone networks and computers, could be down or unreliable during disasters, and electricity could be out. Planning in advance will help ensure that all the members of your household—including children and people with disabilities and others with special needs, as well as any outside caregivers should know how to reach each other and where to meet up in a major community emergency.

The Family Emergency Communication Plan

The links below outline three easy steps you can take to create your custom Family Emergency Communication Plan:

  • Collect important contact information for your family.
  • Make sure everyone carries a copy of this information with them in their wallet, purse, backpack or school notebook,.
  • Have periodic household meetings to review and practice your plan.

In the second link below is a fillable wallet-sized card form—simply type in the important contact information for your family and then print one for each family member.

Family Emergency Communication Planning Document

Family Emergency Communication Plan Wallet Cards

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