Flooded Carpet Extraction & Dry Out

Carpet Extraction & Water Drying

Wet Carpet Is A Common & Curable Household Problem. Don’t Wait Cause It Gets Stinky Fast!

Carpet Extraction & Water Drying is essential when you discover a squishy wet basement carpet. Wet carpet is always the sign of a day gone horribly bad and you have entered the Flood Zone! Often caused by rainwater or snow melt seepage or a broken/burst pipe, a household flood problem needs to be dealt with fast. Fast extraction and thorough professional drying will minimize damage to the carpet, its pad and to surrounding drywall, trim and room furnishings. Floodco LLC has the tools and technical expertise to take care of the dry-out efficiently and affordably.

The steps below describe the current best practice for drying and sanitizing wet carpets anywhere in a home or business.


The drying of the carpet and pad requires careful handling of the materials. This will prevent the carpets being damaged by excessive movement, stretching. Often it is effective to ‘float’ the carpet with air blowers to inflate and dry it from below. Water that is trapped in the pad must be extracted and dried with a combination of heat and air movement. Dehumidification of the room’s air is often part of the process to remove water vapor from the air and accellerate the evaporation from wet flooring and other materials such wall board and furnishings.

After monitoring the drying over a day or more, the carpet is restretched and reattached. A final cleaning will make it look like nothing ever happened. You are officially out of the Flood Zone!

Call Floodco LLC at 406 892-1717 for professional drying of your flooded carpet.  FloodCo and its individual water technicians are IICRC tested, trained and certified for the restoration work we do!


We generally respond to home and business floods anywhere in NW Montana counties. Flathead County, Lake County, Lincoln County. Communities served include Whitefish, Columbia Falls, Hungry Horse, Eureka. Also Kalispell, Bigfork, Swan Lake, Creston. Around Flathead Lake to Lakeside, Somers, Rollins, Big Arm, Polson, Ronan, Yellow Bay.  CALL NOW- WE ANSWER LIVE 24/7 365 DAYS A YEAR!  406 892-1717.

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