Hardwood Floor Drying


 Truly Professional Hardwood Floor Drying is Our Specialty. We Can Save A Wet Hardwood Floor In Most Cases!

Hardwood Floors Are  Vulnerable to Wet Conditions from a Flood or Excessive Humidity.

Beautiful and Valuable Wood Floors Require Fast Response and Skillful Drying Techniques When Exposed to Moisture!


injectidry floor drying setup

A hardwood floor being dried with injectidry technology to evenly remove moisture from all surfaces. This prevents the warping and cracking ordinary fans will cause with uneven or too fast drying.



Successful Drying of Hardwood Floors Requires skill and special equipment.

To be able to save a hardwood floor from water damage that will very quickly lead to irreversible cupping and warping, it is important that we be able to respond quickly. Using specialized drying equipment, heat and dehumidifying our trained technicians can usually save a floor from permanent damage. Insurance will usually cover this special treatment.

injectidry hardwood floor drying system


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