Restoration Services

water damage on ceiling

Water Damage Restoration

If you’re dealing with water damage from a storm or flood, a burst pipe, a plumbing over-flow, an appliance over-flow, whatever the source of water damage may be, don’t worry. The team at FloodCo in Greater Flathead Valley, MT is here to help. Left untreated, water damage can quickly lead to bigger problems – growth of unhealthy mold, electrical and foundation problems. We specialize in providing water restoration and remediation services for homes and businesses alike, helping you recover following water damage from any source. We’ll provide thorough cleanup, drying, and repair services, as well as identify the source of the water damage to prevent future damage to your home or business.

mold on walls

Mold Remediation

Mold growth in your home or business can be detrimental not only to your property, it can also pose a serious health threat. Even mold you can’t see can cause structural damage to your property, or worse, major health problems for your loved ones. It can lurk for months or years while going unnoticed. Mold growth requires a combination of factors to thrive, including the presence of mold spores, moisture, oxygen, and food sources. Following a flood or severe storm is a prime time for mold to create moist spaces in your home to thrive, but it can also be prevalent in areas where there is high humidity, inadequate ventilation or water from burst or leaky pipes, roof leaks, sink or sewer overflow.
fire damage in a house

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

Fires are devastating. After the fire trucks leave, or after the fire extinguisher has been put down, your property not only suffers from fire and smoke damage, but water damage, or fire extinguisher damage, caused from putting out the fire. During a fire, smoke, soot, odor and other particles only visible to the trained eye penetrate walls, floors, attic and duct work. It’s best to have certified professionals thoroughly repair the fire damage and quickly restore your home to a healthy and safe environment. Once you’ve filed a claim with your insurance company, FloodCo in Kalispell MT can restore every detail of your home or business and make the disaster a thing of the past.

tree on house

Storm Damage Restoration

In an instant, Mother Nature can unleash powerful weather patterns, leaving behind substantial storm damage to your home or business. From flooding and heavy winds, to wintry blizzards and ice damming, to lightning strikes and hail, natural disasters can strike unexpectedly destroying anything in their path. Whether you’re faced with light damage or complete destruction, FloodCo in Kalispell, MT is available to help. We provide thorough storm cleanup and restoration services to get your home or business repaired and restored to its former state. Whatever your situation is, we will start the process of restoring your home or business by giving you a free quote and time estimate on the storm damage repairs required. Our goal is to fully restore property value, control costs, limit business interruption and return “home sweet homes” to their families.

sewer backup

Sewer Backups

Sewage backups are a major headache for any homeowner or business owner, potentially leading to water damage, bacterial contamination, and health hazards. FloodCo in Kalispell, MT makes homes and businesses clean and safe again after sewage backups. We’re available 24/7 to assist with sewage overflows and damage, performing thorough sewage cleanup and restoration services. Whether you have experienced septic tank backflow, pipe clogs and backups, or sump pump failures, we will extract, clean, and disinfect the damaged area as quickly as possible.

man fixing ceiling

Construction Services

If your business has been hit by flooding, severe storms, fire, mold, or other serious damage, it can be difficult to know how to embark on the recovery process. At FloodCo in Kalispell, MT, we’re here to help.
Our team is skilled at handling all types of commercial damage repairs and restorations, from water damage remediation to smoke odor removal. We’ll work with you and the insurance company to restore your property to its former state as efficiently as possible.
construction dumpster

Demolition Services

If you’re a general contractor, developer, homeowner, townhouse, or apartment owner and are planning to demolish your house, home, or residential structure, our demolition experience will help remove your structure in the most efficient and lowest cost manner.


24/7 Emergency Restoration Services

The FloodCo team in Greater Flathead Valley, MT is on-call 24/7 to help with emergency disasters and cleanup services. Whether you’re dealing with a sewage backup in the middle of the night or a pipe burst on the weekend, we’re always available and ready to help. Our 24/7 emergency service team will come to your home or business as soon as possible, get the problem under control and develop a plan of action for cleaning and repairing any damage.